1. White-winged Scoter Decoy Gus Wilson
  2. Old Antique Vintage Wood Duck Decoy MASON Scaup Bluebill
  3. ANTIQUE DUCK DECOYMallard Duck, Ken Trayer stamp 1921-1925
  4. Canvasback Drake Ken Anger
  5. Miniature Kinglet Songbird Jess Blackstone
  6. Blue-winged Teal Decoys George Strunk
  7. LL Bean Vintage Mallard George Soule Standing Cork Field Duck Decoy
  8. Alaskan King Eider Duck Decoy/Nature Display Wood Carving
  9. Upper Chesapeake Canvas Back by Madison Mitchell or Charlie Joiner
  10. Charlie Speedy Jointer Duck Decoys
  11. Vintage Decoy Collection Oliver Lawson-Ring Neck 1984
  12. Making Decoy Ducks 1927
  13. Vintage OSCAR QUAM DUCK CALLS & DECOYS 6 wooden DUCK Call Appears unused
  14. Pintail Drake Decoy 2016 Ducks Unlimited Banquet (designed by Big Sky Carvers)
  15. Vintage Mason Decoy Pair Blue Bills
  16. Owl Decoy attributed to the Hoosier Call & Decoy Company, Delphi, Indiana
  17. Outstanding Pair Scoter Duck Decoys By World Class Carver Author Tom Matus Ln
  18. 2007 Mourning Dove decoy by Ken Kirby from Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey
  20. Handsome Detailed Vintage Folk Art Wood Owl Decoy Nicely Carved and Painted
  21. Antique Vintage Folk Art Primitive Rustic Wood White Snow Goose Swan Decoy F&S
  22. On The Mantle Collecting Basics
  23. EVANS Vintage Duck Decoy Bluebill Original Working Bird with Glass Eyes
  24. Carved Wooden Hunting Gadwall or Black Duck Decoy by Ken Harris New York
  25. Vintage Paul Kingyon Duck Call Wooden Body Decoying Ducks Mallard Hunting
  26. PHEASANT Decoy Hand carved Duck Hunting Lodge Stunning By Vicki Hughes Large Vtg
  27. Louisiana Duck Decoys by Mitchell LaFrance
  28. Wildfowler oversize Pintail decoys with custom heads and paint
  29. Decoy Madison Mitchell Goose Shorebird Duck
  30. Wood Duck Pair Decoy Waterfowl/Display Wood Carving
  31. Vintage Mason Canvasback Premier Red Eye Duck Decoy
  32. Vintage Owl Wood Carved Americana Folk Art Decoy
  33. Vintage Shorebird Decoy The Market Gunner Snipe
  34. Vintage Torry Ward Duck Decoy Canvasback Drake And Hen Manitoba Decoys
  35. MASON Original Paint Painted Eye BLUEBILL DRAKE DUCK DECOY
  36. Vintage Mallard Duck Decoy Paul Gibson Havre de Grace Md
  37. Old Antique Canvas Duck Decoy 15 1/2 inch Hand Painted with Lead on Bottom Vintage
  38. Drew Makes An Awesome Find A Gang Of Antique Duck Decoys
  39. Old Antique Vintage Wood Duck Decoy MASON Mallard Drake
  40. Unusual Antique Duck Decoys Strange Birds Antique Quest
  41. Older Bluebill Decoy PairR. Madison Mitchell, Havre de Grace, Maryland
  42. Vintage Ken Harris Duck Decoys Hand Painted With Glass Eyes
  43. Antique vintage old wooden working Early Dodge Mallard duck decoy
  44. Duck Decoys Collecting Carolina Nc Weekend Unc Tv
  45. Vintage Ken Harris Carved Wood Duck Miniature Decoy 5L x 2.5 H x 1,5W
  46. Collectors Cafe Duck Decoys
  47. Hollow Brant Decoy By Rhodes Truex, Atlantic City, New Jersey Decoy
  48. Pr. Oversized Canvasback Decoys Madison Mitchell, Havre De Grace, Md. Decoy
  49. Rare Pr. High-head Canvasbacks By Will Heverin Decoy
  50. Wood Duck Drake Elmer Crowell
  51. Antique Duck Decoy 14L Factory Bluebill Drake, Mason, Pratt or Dodge, c. 1920s
  52. Antique vintage old wooden working Rare Early Dodge Goldeneye Hen duck decoy
  53. Antique Duck Decoy 16.5 Mason Premier Snake Head Mallard Drake, All Original
  54. Fantastic Ken Harris Wood Duck Decoy Exceptional Paint Bill Towner Brass Plug
  55. RARE Toronto School Hollow Brant Duck Decoy Excellent Provenance Branded BENT
  56. 4-Canvasback duck decoys, Ron Saylor, Florence, Oregon, W. Mathewson Barnegat rig
  57. Antique ORIGINAL HAYS Wing Teal duck decoy c1920, duck with paint and glass eye
  58. Vintage Hand Carved Wood Folk Art Primitive Duck Decoy
  59. Excellent Pair Vintage Mason Factory Premier Mallard Decoys Decoy
  60. Antique Solid Body Wood Hand Carved Duck Decoy Glass Eyes
  61. Vintage Canvasback Decoy PairR. Madison Mitchell, Havre de Grace, Maryland
  62. Old Antique Vintage Wood Duck Decoy MASON Mallard Drake
  63. Holly Sinkbox Decoy PR in 50's Joiner Paint. Extremely Rare Duck Goose Shorebird
  64. Vintage Antique Canvasback Duck Decoy
  65. Pair Vintage Mason Factory Premier Grade Blue Wing Teal Decoys Decoy
  66. Learning About Rare Duck Decoys And Duck Calls In Quincy
  67. Old Antique Vintage Wood Duck Decoy MASON Mallard Hen Standard Tack eye
  68. Vintage Wood Duck Drake On Driftwood Hand Carved Painted Sculpture Signed
  69. Early Doug Jester Hooded Merganser Working Decoy Vintage Chincoteague Island
  70. Mint Wildfowler Vintage Decoys Point Pleasant N. J
  71. Amazing Vintage Dupe-a-goose Hunting Kit 12 Goose Decoys In Original Crate Duck
  72. Nice Branded Vintage R. J. Bob Brown, Barnegat, NJ Beautifully Carved Decoy
  73. TOM TABER Wood Carved Ringneck Pheasant Signed Bird Decoy Sculpture Statue
  74. Rare Vintage Wisconsin Wood Duck Standing Pair Decoys
  75. Antique Duck Decoys
  76. Show And Tell May 2019
  77. Pair of W. S. Bushnell hand-carved, painted Decoys Wood Duck and Pintail Hens
  78. Went Agunning On The Meadow
  79. Early Paul Gibson Scaup Decoy, Havre de Grace, MD
  80. Excellent Pair Vintage Mason Factory Premier Mallard Decoys Decoy
  81. Early Unknown New Jersey Black duck decoy from NJ Coast Branded
  82. 1967 Carved Hunting Brant DuCk Goose Decoy Signed Ward Brothers Crisfield MD
  83. Upper Bay, Susquehanna River Canvasback Drake Decoy
  84. 1989 Blue Bill Drake by Mike Smyser S/D
  85. Labrador Dog Decoy Duck & Cattail Table Lamp Hunting Lab Retriever Rustic Light
  86. George Bell Hand Signed & Painted Hooded Merganser 12 Solid Wood Decoy MINT
  87. Antique 1910s 30s Era Wood Hand Carved / Painted Working Blue Bill Duck Decoy
  88. Ohio Decoys
  89. Jp hand green winged teal hollow cedar weighted hunting decoy (new)
  90. Al Thomas Canvasback Decoy Swan Creek 1930's
  91. Antique Canvasback Drake Duck Decoy
  92. Mason Glass Eye Drake Greenwing Teal Duck Decoy
  93. Preening Black Duck Decoy Charlie Bryan
  94. Lot of 3 R. Madison Mitchel Cork Mallard Decoys
  95. Rare Beautiful Matched Pair Duck Decoys Abercrombie & Fitch Robert Capriola A&f
  96. Ira Hudson Duck Decoy
  97. Pair Of Wigeon Decoys By D W Nichol Of Smiths Falls Ont
  98. Old Antique Vintage Wood Duck Decoy MASON Wigeon
  99. Lou Renieri Ward Style Canvasback Drake Decoy
  100. Antique 1890s Barnegat New Jersey Broadbill Duck Decoy Hollow Dugout Carved Body
  101. Mason Glasseye Pintail Duck Decoy
  102. Antique Miles Hancock Chincoteague Virginia Black duck decoy hollow
  103. Vintage As Found Mason Challenge Grade Mallard Drake Duck Decoy
  104. Mallard Duck Decoy Tuckerton School Rick Brown Brick Nj
  105. Vintage Mason Decoy Factory Seneca Lake Canvasback Drake Duck Original Paint
  106. 1902 RARE HOLLOW PREMIER BLACK MASON DECOY Dated/Signed Inset weight NY STATE
  107. Antique Massachusetts duck decoy
  108. Arkansas Duck Hunting Incredible Finishing Ducks Let Em Work
  109. How To Sculpt A Duck Decoy From Clay Shape Body For Duck Decoy Sculpture Part 2
  110. ANTIQUE VTG Wisconsin Large Canvasback duck decoy mason evans
  111. Pair Of Original Rigmate Mason Tackeye Canvasback Duck Decoys
  112. Mason Premier Black Duck Decoy
  113. Vintage Wooden Duck Decoy Black and Tan Wooden Head with Glass Eyes
  114. Vintage Canada Goose Folk Art or Working Handcarved Wood Decoy Large
  115. Capt. Harry Jobes 1936-2019 of Aberdeen Maryland Sleeping Blackduck
  116. Vintage Lrg. Beautiful Carved Flying Canvasback Duck Decoy Mounted on Driftwood
  117. Vintage Pair of Goldeneye Duck Decoys, Torry Ward Waterfowl, Hunting, Goose
  118. Decoy Museum Tq Show
  119. Vintage 7 Mallard Duck Ice Fish Spearing Decoy Fishing Lure
  120. RARE Vintage Crow Decoy Glass Eyes Antique Hunting Bird Gun Geese Hunt 10034
  121. A J Birdsall signed Canada Goose solid decoy NJ carver, Decoy minty Del River
  122. Vintage Chesapeake Upper Bay Bushwhacker hunting boat model, duck decoys
  123. Ed Pop Sampson Canvasback Duck Decoy
  124. Old Antique Vintage Wood Duck Decoy MASON Redhead Drake
  125. Bluebill Pair Decoys Charlie Bryan
  126. Old Vintage Wooden Duck Decoy MASON Diver Duck Drake Redhead
  127. Old Antique Vintage Wood Duck Decoy MASON Scaup Bluebill
  128. Superb Huge Tom Taber Drake Redhead Duck Decoy Signed Ex+
  129. Gvine Decoys St Charles 7 The Little Blend
  130. Antique Mason Duck Decoy, Blue Bill Hen, Standard Grade, Original Paint, Hunting
  131. Fantastic Hen Greenwing teal Sean Sutton. Paulsboro NJ. Duck decoy
  132. Marty Hanson Interview April 2015
  134. Pair 1980 Paul Gibson Blue -Winged Teal Duck Decoys Havre de Grace Maryland
  135. Vintage Decoy Collection Oliver Lawson-Mallard 1981
  136. Vintage Ducks Unlimited Hand Carved Wooden Pintail Decoy signed Tom Taber
  137. Vintage Frank Strey (FES) Carver Signed Solid Flat Bottom Glass Eye Wood Decoy
  138. Old Antique Vintage Wood Duck Decoy MASON Mallard Drake
  139. Jimmy Pierce Preening Canvasback Hen Duck Decoy
  140. Vintage Big Sky Carvers Master's Edition Bob Guge Pelican Wood carving Decoy
  141. Excellent Pair of Cliff Avann Bluebill Duck Decoys All Original Ontario Canada
  142. R. Madison Mitchell Drake Canvasback Working Decoy 1940s
  143. Awesome Pair of Pintail duck decoys by Jode Hillman
  144. Antique Glass Eyed Shorebird Decoy Carving Unpainted Factory Mason Dodge
  145. Mason Bluebill Hen Duck Decoy Challenge Grade Early 20th Century
  146. Mason Decor or a Factory Goose Decoy
  147. Collectable Antique Canvasback Hen Gunning Decoy Havre De Grace, MD
  148. Excellent Mason Spec Order Chal Grade Black Duck Decoy
  149. Mamouth Evans Duck Decoy Canvasback Drake Mason
  150. Vintage Carved Wood Mallard Duck Hunting Decoy Glass Eyes Illinois River Valley
  151. Exceptional, Unused Jode Hillman Mullica Hill, NJ Redhead Duck Decoy Pair
  152. Antique Paint Decorated Carved Wood Duck Decoy Mallard Canvas Back Orig Paint
  153. Very Rare 1993 Signed GEORGE STRUNK Mallard Decoy Pair
  154. Famous Delaware Top Decoy Carver William Veasey 1980 Canvasback Drake Duck Decoy
  155. Dan Carson 1993 Wood Common Merganser Duck Decoy Hunting Bird Havre de Grace MD
  156. American Carved Wood Duck Decoy. De-Accessioned From American Folk Art Museum
  157. Vintage Mason Drake Widgeon Duck Decoy Nice Restored Condition
  158. Martha's Vineyard Decoys Stanley Murphy Rare Out of Print Book Adams Chadwick NR
  159. Decoy Ducks
  160. Rare Vintage Wisconsin Wood Duck Standing Pair Decoys
  161. Antique Wooden Plover Shorebird Decoy Chris Sprague New Jersey Estate Duck
  162. Pair Carved Hunting Wood Duck Decoys Limited Edition Signed Bill Schauber 61/75
  163. Herter's Decoy Package
  164. Antique Wood Duck Decoy, Glass Eyes, Initials SGH
  165. Vtg WEK Will Kirkpatrick Puffin Wood Carving Decoy carver 10 length
  166. Carved Hunting Duck Dove Decoy on Driftwood Signed Eddie Wozny Cambridge MD
  167. 5000 Dollar Storage Unit Gives Up Even More Treasure Part 4
  168. Miniature Canvasback Decoys By Bob Litzenberg S/D 1992
  169. Duck Decoys
  170. Jim Currier (1886-1969) Canvasback Drake Decoy
  171. 1950s Ralph Johnston Canvasback Drake duck decoy Michigan
  172. Rare 1940s William Bill Aiken Alexandria Bay NY Wood Duck Decoy Roy Conklin
  173. Black River Duck Club Decoy Sign by Lou Reineri
  174. AWESOME ANTIQUE VINTAGE DUCK DECOY wood ducks John day cecilton Maryland 2005
  176. Great Blue Heron Decoy
  177. Early 1900s Hollow Carved Canvasback English Family New Jersey Circa 1900 Decoy
  178. Holly Sinkbox Decoy PR in 50's Joiner Paint. Extremely Rare Duck Goose Shorebird
  179. Original 1920's Pratt Drake Teal Duck Decoy
  180. Pintail Duck Decoy 1987 by Capt Harry Jobes
  181. R. Madison Mitchell of Havre De Grace Maryland Drake Canvasback
  182. Vintage Wood 1890 Duck Decoy Hand Carved Capt Ellis Parker Beach Haven ARLA
  183. Vintage Drake & Hen Wood Decoys. Signed By John Jeffrey Barto, 1984
  184. Superb Tom Taber Drake Redhead Diver Duck Decoy Signed Ex+
  185. Pair Dan Brown Salisbury Carved and Painted 8.25 Duck Decoys Hen & Drake 1970
  186. Hecktor Whittington Mallard Drake Decoy
  187. Spectacular Mint Pr 1970s Hurley Conklin Swimming Woodduck Duck Decoys Decoy
  188. Making A Wooden Duck With Alex C
  189. Antique Hoffman Cast Iron Carnival Shooting Target 4 DUCK TARGET
  190. Pair of Redhead Sinkbox Decoys By Bob Litzenberg (1910-1997)
  191. Dan Carson Pair Widgeon / Baldpate Duck Decoys signed Havre de Grace, MD. 1994
  192. Robert F. Bob Mcgaw of Havre De Grace Maryland 1879-1958 Hen Canvasback
  193. Cigar Daisey Merganser Duck Decoy Early + Book Doily Fulcher Limited 500
  194. Rob Hurt On How A 5 Investment Became An 8 000 Duck Decoy
  195. Bob McGaw of Havre De Grace Maryland Drake Canvasback
  196. Wood Duck Decoy Pair Rick Brown Ruddy Ducks New Jersey Estate Goose Shorebird
  197. Antique Style Wood Yellowlegs Shorebird Decoy Massachusetts Estate Goose Duck
  198. Pair Carved Wooden Hunting Red Breast Merganser Duck Decoy Signed Charlie Joiner
  199. L. L. Bean MAGNUM Size Cork Decoys Magnum LOT OF 7 (6 Drakes, 1 Hen)
  200. Antique Wood Duck Decoy Madision Mitchell Bluebill Pair Maryland Estate Goose
  202. Finding Minnesota Hunters Decoy Collection Numbers In Excess Of 500
  203. Hunter S Locker With Gun Boxes Ammo Decoys And More At The Abandoned Storage Auction
  204. Vintage Decoys. Jim Currier(1886-1969) Havre De Grace MD Duck Goose Shorebird
  205. Charlie Joiner Canvasback decoy pair signed & dated 1986 original paint. Great
  206. Black Duck Decoy by Tony Bianco circa 1940 FINAL PRICE REDUCTION
  207. Antique Wood Duck Decoy Ring Bill Drake Exceptional Folk art Unique WOW
  208. Challenge Grade'S. O. Premier' Drake Mallard Mason Decoy Factory
  209. Illinois Adventure 1206 Duck Decoy Collection At Lakeview Museum
  210. Big Shopping Haul Reselling Antiques U0026 Vintage Mail
  211. L. L. Bean Cork Decoys Black Ducks LOT OF 16
  212. Old Vintage Wooden Duck Decoy MASON Diver COMMON GOLDENEYE
  213. PAIR Working Evans Factory Canvasbacks Mammoth Grade Original Paint Decoys
  214. Vintage decoy pair George Strunk Blue Winged Teal Duck Decoys hand carved NJ
  215. Vintage Hand Carved And Painted Oliver Lawson Canada Goose Wood Decoy
  216. R. Madison Mitchell of Havre De Grace Maryland Blackhead Decoys
  217. Pratt Bluewing Teal Pair Wood Duck Decoys
  218. Large 2001 EDDIE WOZNY Carved Dove Decoy on Driftwood Wall Hanging Cambridge MD
  219. Old Antique Vintage Wood Duck Decoy MASON Mallard
  220. Bluebill Hen Working Duck Decoy Original Paint Hand Carved by Danny Lee Heuer
  221. A True Duck Hunter
  222. Bluebill Drake Working Duck Decoy Original Paint Hand Carved by Danny Lee Heuer
  223. Old Vintage Wooden Duck Decoy MASON Scaup Bluebill Premium
  224. Evans Canvasback Duck Decoy
  225. Great Old Samuel T. Barnes Canvasback Duck Decoy
  226. Louisiana Coot Duck Decoy Emile Hebert Antique Root Head Wooden Goose Shorebird
  228. Ben Heinemann 2016 Carver Of The Year
  229. Canvasback Pair Ward Brothers
  230. 7th Annual Antique Decoy Show Set For This Weekend
  231. Antique Canvas Back Decoy. Swede Swedesky Neenah Wi. ORIGINAL
  232. Ira Bordelon Hand Carved and Painted Antique Ruddy Duck Decoy
  233. Outstanding 1996 Hand-carved Drake Ruddy Duck Decoy By Carver Dick Bonner Ln
  234. Rare Compensating Museum Quality Folk Art Vermont Lg 42 Inch Orginal Paint Decoy
  235. Pair Old Wooden Premier Mason Canvasback Duck Decoys
  236. How To Identify Vintage Duck Decoys With Drew American Pickers Watch California Pickin
  237. Canvasback Drake Decoy Evans Decoy Company
  238. Vintage Decoy Collection Oliver Lawson-Canada Goose 1985
  239. Greater Yellowlegs Decoy Mason Decoy Factory
  240. Vintage Decoy Collection Oliver Lawson-Buffle Head 1985
  241. Vintage Decoy Collection Oliver Lawson-Ruddy Duck 1983
  242. Vintage Decoy Collection Oliver Lawson-Mallard 1981
  243. Vintage Decoy Collection Oliver Lawson-Atlantic Brant 1981
  244. Vintage 1970s Ducks Unlimited Habitat With Bing Crosby Psa Commercial
  245. Mason Decoy Old Vintage Goose Decoy
  246. Vintage Decoy Collection Oliver Lawson-GoldenEye 1981
  247. Tom Taber Wooden Carved Ringneck Pheasant Signed Early Decoy Sculpture Statue
  248. Canada Goose Decoy George Strunk
  249. Antique-Vintage-Factory-Mason-Rare-Merganzer-Wooden duck decoy
  250. Grayson Chesser Hand Carved Full Size Decoy Wood Chincoteague Va
  251. Mason Decoy Canvasback Premier Grade Back Bay Oversize Pair 2 Rare
  252. Vintage Oliver Lawson Duck Decoy balsa wood 1964
  253. C 08 Mason Superb Prem Mallard Drake Decoy Duck Extra. Spec Paint Long Bill
  254. Miniature Redhead Decoys Ward Brothers
  255. 1920s-30s Fritz Geiger match pair of Blue bill decoys original paint Wisconsin
  256. Antique Wood Duck Decoys Mitchell Pintail Pair Maryland Estate Goose
  257. White-winged Scoter Decoy'rocking-head' model Gus Wilson
  258. Beautiful Mint Pr Orel Leboeuf Broadbill Decoys Quebec Canada
  259. Swan Decoy Madison Mitchell